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Hood Cleaning and Hood Vent Cleaning Services

People living in Roseville, CA, and seeking hood vent cleaning services at high standards should get in touch with Air Duct Cleaning Roseville. We have the skills and knowledge to provide the best results, and our craftsmanship and affordable prices will seal the deal for many clients.

Why Hire Professional Hood Cleaning Services?

Professional hood cleaning isn’t only for commercial kitchens; you should call the Air Duct Cleaning Roseville team for hood and hood vent cleaning, even for your residential application. The only aspects affecting the cleaning frequency are the type of cooking and the volume of cooking occurring in your kitchen. However, Air Duct Cleaning Roseville professionals know precisely how often you should call them for hood vent cleaning.

How Often Do Commercial Kitchens Require Hood and Exhaust Vent Cleaning?

With exhaust and hood being connected, it’s understandable why you should clean them simultaneously. For commercial kitchens, the NFPA no.96 makes professional hood cleaning mandatory.

Keep reading to find out how often you should call the professionals for exhaust and hood cleaning in your kitchen:

  • Monthly when there’s solid fuel cooking every day.
  • Quarterly (every three months) when the volume of cooking is impressive, with wok and charbroiling
  • Semi-annually (every six months) when you have an average cooking volume in the kitchen.
  • Annually when you have a seasonal business (church, day camp) or if you have a residential kitchen.
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It’s common for restaurant personnel to run hood cleaning (outer surfaces), but hire the professionals if you want to comply with NFPA no.96 regulations. Moreover, hire Air Duct Cleaning Roseville if you want to benefit from the best craftsmanship.

The Types of Facilities We Service

We run professional hood vent cleaning services for residential and commercial applications, and the following are some of the facilities we manage:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Schools (elementary, middle, and high school cafeterias)
  • Theaters
  • University and college foodservice facilities
  • Military base kitchen buildings
  • Correctional facilities
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Our Hood Cleaning Process Step by Step

Kitchen hood cleaning is mandatory for commercial kitchens, but it’s recommended for all kitchens for a safe and healthy environment. Most of the time, the technicians at Roseville Air Duct Cleaning will go through the following phases:

  • Clean the grease traps
  • Clean the filters
  • Check and clean the interior and exterior of the hood.

Clean the grease traps

Several elements make the hood, and all of them need cleaning, but the grease traps are the first to address.

Step 1- Typically found on every side of the hood, the grease traps have to be removed for cleaning.

Step 2- the experts clean the grease traps with cloth/scrubbing pads/soft-bristled brushes, carefully rubbing for the best outcome.

Step 3- the technicians place the traps in a solution made with a strong degreaser and warm water, allowing them to soak in for 10 minutes.

Step 4-  the team leave the traps out for drying before installing them back.

Clean the filters

There’s a lot of grease collecting around the hood vent, but the team carefully cleans the filters for the best results.

Step 1- the team takes out the filters for cleaning.

Step 2- the technicians place the filters in the solution made with warm water and degreaser, scrubbing the residues with soft cloths. They rinse the filters when they’re clean.

Step 3- the filters are left for air drying and put back in place when they’re completely dry.

Clean the interior and exterior of the hood

Step 1- the technicians address the fan and the interior, using water and degreaser for cleaning. They also use non-abrasive pads or soft bristle brushes for gently scrubbing.

Step 2- the team will remove every soapy residue from the parts, interior, or exhaust fan with damp towels. They will use dry towels for drying the elements.

Step 3-the technicians will scrub the exterior with cloths/soft-bristle brushes/non-abrasive pads.

Step 4- the experts will remove the soap residues with damp towels and dry towels for drying the exterior.

Step 5- the team ends this phase by mounting back in place the filters.

Our process for hood vent cleaning

Only technicians with excellent skills, experience, knowledge, and most performant equipment will obtain the best hood vent cleaning results. The experts at Air Duct Cleaning Roseville don’t lack any and respect a highly effective protocol for hood vent cleaning:

Check the exhaust fans

Our technicians will take a very close look to see if any fan belts are loose or examine the exhaust. If replacement or repairs are needed, they’re trained to do it too.

Clean the ductwork

After the experts at Roseville Air Duct Cleaning complete cleaning the hood parts, filters, accessories and replace the damaged parts, they will continue with ductwork parts that are easy to access. They will also use safe-food polish for protecting the stainless steel ductwork after they finish the cleaning process.

Provide the report

Our experts will write down everything about the work they’ve done and provide you the report. If they discover problems requiring more investigation, they will also signal it. They will apply the certificate with Air Duct Cleaning Roseville's name on it; the date of the cleaning and the name of technicians involved in the process are listed in the certificate.

The Exhaust Cleaning Equipment That We Use

While examining the kitchen’s hood vent, the technicians decide which tools, methods, and supplies they have to use for the best results. Even if our experts may add some tools or supplies, they will use the following tools in most applications:

  • Portable floodlights
  • Van truck/tow-behind trailer
  • Fiberglass ladders (A-frame and extension models) to reach the rood and interior
  • Fiberglass extension poles with magnetic scrapers for removing the grease and particulates
  • Commercial-grade pressure water with high-temperature functions
  • Recipients to collect the water and waste

Quality Hood Vent Cleaning Service from Roseville Air Duct Cleaning

The residential and commercial air duct cleaning services performed by Air Duct Cleaning Roseville always stand out. The Roseville Hood vent cleaning service prices are affordable for most clients, and our work is unforgettable every time. Should you be interested in the best hood vent cleaning services or air duct inspection, call Air Duct Cleaning Roseville to make an appointment.

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