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Cleaning requires a lot of effort and attention, and grease cleaning isn’t the most favorite job to do for many. Not only grease doesn’t look nice, but it’s also dangerous as it ignites so easily. The Air Duct Cleaning Roseville CA team comprises certified technicians who will clean all elements of the kitchen's exhaust system, complying with NFPA no.96 regulations.

Why Hire Professional Kitchen and Bathroom Exhaust Cleaning Services

Dirty kitchen exhaust makes a common cause for fires in restaurants, which makes constant exhaust cleaning essential for keeping everyone safe in the kitchen. If you run a commercial kitchen, you know that creating a safe and healthy environment for your employees and clients is fundamental for your success.

Professional exhaust cleaning services will benefit your business on many levels, and the main benefits are listed down below:

  • It lowers the risk of product contamination and assures a cleaner workspace.
  • It removes blockages
  • It improves the ventilation for smell and odor removal.
  • It reduces energy costs.
  • It’s mandatory for commercial kitchens. Commercial kitchens have to comply with national and local codes for fire and health.
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How often should you clean the kitchen hood?

Regular maintenance will keep the kitchen complied with the IKECA and NFPA no.96 regulations and sustain the proper performance and durability of the exhaust system. The volume of cooking is the primary factor affecting the frequency of cleaning, and you should hire the Roseville Air Duct Cleaning for commercial kitchens as recommended down below:

  • Monthly when there’s constant solid fuel cooking.
  • Quarterly (every three months) when there’s 24-hour cooking with a significant volume of cooking
  • Semi-annually (every six months) when the cooking volume is medium.
  • Annually when you run a seasonal business (day camps, senior center, churches) or if you have a residential kitchen.

A Full Range of Exhaust Cleaning Services

The cleaning services for kitchen exhaust that we perform cover the following:

  • Hood exhaust
  • Kitchen exhaust
  • Hood and filter
  • Exhaust fan
  • Restaurant flue
  • Grease trap
  • Grease duct
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Our Exhaust Cleaning Process

The Air Duct Cleaning Roseville team will begin with a detailed examination of your bathroom/kitchen exhaust, conceiving a cleaning procedure according to your kitchen’s particularities. Some steps are always the same,  but our team will always make the necessary changes to your application.

1. Initial Inspection of the Exhaust System

The technicians run a detailed examination of the exhaust system, seeing if any of the problems are severe. They’re also able to make repairs and replacements if need be.

2. Turn off the Exhaust Fan

As they’re experienced and knowledgeable, our technicians know how to turn off any exhaust systems. They have to do it for safety reasons.

3. Get the Kitchen Ready

The team will switch off the gas valves, pilot lights, and appliances in the kitchen or close to it. The chemicals they use for cleaning may ignite, so our technicians don’t take any chances.

Our team will also take care of the appliances and floors, covering them with protective tarps. Cleaning the exhaust system can become messy, so our experts will try their best to protect the areas where they work. They also install the funnels for collecting grease and debris and place the baffle filters aside.

4. Hood Vent Cleaning

The technician on the roof will spray a powerful degreaser on the exhaust fan elements and above ducts. He uses hot water for rinsing.

The other team member is down in the kitchen, assuring that all grease and debris get down the funnel and directly into the collection recipient. He will also use the degreaser and hot water for cleaning the baffle filters.

These steps are repeated several times until everything is spotless.

5. Clean inside the kitchen

After cleaning the roof, the technicians clean the exhaust hood from the bottom up, with a strong degrease and hot water for rinsing.

6. Polishing

The Air Duct Cleaning Roseville will protect the canopy’s exterior with a polish, applying it after the hood has dried.

7. Check the System

Once the elements are dry and clean, the technicians will mount the baffle filters in place. They also check the system for proper functioning.

8. Finish Up

The team applies the mandatory sticker on the hood; should you run a commercial kitchen, it's wise to leave it there to be useful for fire and health inspection.

Our experts will leave your kitchen clean and fresh smelling, and go only after turning the pilot lights, exhaust fan, gas valves back on.

9. Post-Cleaning Examination

Our team will note every detail about their work in a report that they will hand you after they’re done. The experts can leave a copy of the report if you’re elsewhere.

Some people think that exhaust system cleaning isn’t difficult. However, you should know that it’s dangerous and counterproductive to do it on your own. Only professionals have the knowledge, skills, and tools to do it safely and efficiently. Call Air Duct Cleaning Roseville for the best results.

Schedule an Exhaust Cleaning Session with Air Duct Cleaning Roseville

Please make an effort to hire professionals to clean the kitchen/bathroom exhaust, as the process is both dangerous and far more challenging than you think. And if you want to benefit from the best work and craftsmanship in Roseville, CA, contact the Air Duct Cleaning Roseville team. We make the most trustworthy choice for residential and commercial kitchen/bathroom exhaust cleaning, so give us a call when you’re ready.

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